We have experienced coaches that can help you learn the game or help you improve in areas that you need some help with. Whatever your golfing needs are, we can help you.

For who?

We cater for all types of golfers and have the following options available:


  • Single lessons.
  • 5 lesson package.
  • 10 lesson package.

Personalised Graded Group Coaching

Beginner Group:

  • Golf Swing, (Power Game)
  • Short Game (chipping, putting, bunker play)

Intermediate Group:

  • Video analysis
  • Playing lessons

Expert Group:

  • Core Stabilization exercises
  • Rules, regulation and etiquette of golf


  • Single lessons.
  • 5 lesson package.
  • 10 lesson package.

Personalised Graded Group Coaching

  • Fundamentals of the golf swing
  • Fundamentals of short game (Chipping, Putting and Bunker play)
  • Rules Regulations and Etiquette of golf
  • How to get started at a golf club (Membership/ Golf course rules etc.)
  • Learn to keep score (Competitions/handicaps etc.)

Bring Your Friends Package (10 lesson package)       

  • Special Group rate (3 ladies or more) 


Optional Extras in package

  • Breakfast at Purple Cow Restaurant
  • Lunch/Wine at Purple Cow after lesson
  • 9 Hole Playing Lesson at the end of package


  • Single lessons.
  • 5 lesson package.
  • 10 lesson package.

Lessons include:

  • Video Analysis
  • Putting Analysis
  • Technical Golf Swing Analysis
  • Identify problem areas in game
  • Goal Setting
  • Advice on buying equipment
  • The mental game of golf

Basic Improvements: 

  • Accuracy
  • Power Game (Driver/3 Wood/Hybrid)
  • Scoring Shots (Short Game)
  • Putting
  • Putting Methods
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker Play

What makes the Patrick O’Brien Golf Academy exceptional?

  • All of our coaches have extensive golf experience at a profesional level which gives us the knowledge to deliver with exceptional  insights and analysis.
  • We make use of the FlightScope system to track and analyze your swing so we can easily identify problem areas in your game.
  • Personalised coaching suited for or all types of students. Our coaches are diverse in their approach which makes it perfect to
    find the most suitable coaching style to fit your game and personality.
  • We will give you practical solutions to improve your game!


We make use of FlightScope as a golf training aid – just like the the tour professionals. With this technology we can accurately track your club and ball trajectory in an instant which enables us to immediately make the necessary adjustments in your golf technique to reach optimum skill much quicker.

If this sounds like the training facility you’ve been looking for, just say the word and we’ll assist you to improve your game in no time.

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