Midstream Golf Course consists of 9 par 3 holes with USGA Standard bent grass greens designed to test your game from 80 metres all the way to 220 metres from the green. Bring more than just your short irons to as this facility will test all your irons to the limit. The course is designed to test the low handicapper off the back tees, but also make it enjoyable for the average golfer to the beginner off the forward tees. With some slopes on the small but well designed greens, the course will allow you to practice your short game and perfect your scoring shots to the best that you can be.

A perfect quick round to end off a long day at the office!

Enjoy a cold one

Local Restaurant & Pub, the Purple Cow doubles as our clubhouse.

Do I need to make a booking?

No bookings required during the week. On weekends we’d recommend making a booking.

Didn’t pack your clubs?

Don’t stress it, we offer you state of the art club rentals – We’ve got it in the bag.
Call us for more information on our club rentals.

Easy access

Although located in Midstream Estate, there is no security points to access the golf course. You simply enter the estate – no boom, no sign in – just swing by!

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